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ECO's certification process is designed to facilitate and encourage your experience, while minimizing its impact on your organization's activities.

You can full advantage of ISO 9001:2015 though a few steps: 1. Defining the goals of all activities performed by your organization. 2. Identifying key processes which define ‘what' the organization does. 3. Establishing how these processes work. 4. Establishing who is in charge of these processes. 5. Coming to an agreement over these processes within the whole organization.

Training your personnel
ECO makes available specific seminars and training courses addressed both to managers in charge for quality management system and to top managers who wish to enhance their knowledge of ISO 9001:2015.

Continuous evaluation
Once you have got the certification, you will be able to start advertising it to promote your activities. In order to keep your certification valid, all you need is to keep on operating in accordance to your quality management system.
Your performance will be periodically monitored by your certification body to ensure that your QMS satisfies the regulation requirements.
ECO CERTIFICAZIONI S.p.A. has been accredited by Accredia with no. 067 A for issuing certifications according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in following sectors: EA04 - EA18 - EA19 - EA28.

For any further information on the certification activities offered by ECO Certificazioni S.p.A., on different Quality Management Systems and on the geographical areas we cover, please send us an e-mail to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



A quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 regulations will provide your organization with a series of processes ensuring a sensible approach to management.
The system leads to a general improvement and better adequacy of your organization, thus granting better products and services to your customers.


ISO 9001 is a general name given to a family including different standards developed to offer provisions to establish an adequate quality management system.

It is divided into the following main sections:
1. Quality management system
2. Management Responsibility
3. Resource management
4. Product realization
5. Measurements, analysis and improvement.



Clients have become more demanding and informed and their expectations tend to grow. For any firm, it is now fundamental to keep the pace with these changing scenarios. It has become necessary to invest precise commitments when it comes to the quality offered.
A step that cannot be renounced is choosing and adop­ting a management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

  • Politics and goals defined by Top Management
  • Understanding client's characteristics with the aim of obtaining his full satisfaction
  • Improving internal and external communications
  • Better understanding of organization processes
  • Understanding how law and standard requirements influence organization and clients
  • Clear definition of responsibilities and authorities within the organization
  • Better use of time and resources
  • Waste reduction
  • Improved adequacy and constant control over products and services

Significant improvement of company's social climate and motivation.



There are some fundamental stages each organization intending to apply a QMS should take into consideration:

Purchase the standard
It is necessary to get a copy of the standard, read it and fully understand it.
Set up a work group and agree upon your strategy
You should start up the entire application process by defining your own organizational strategy together with the Top Management.
QMS responsibility lies within the highest levels of the organization, who thus need to be involved since the beginning.

Personnel training

ECO can help you choose the right seminars and training courses both for Quality Officers in charge of operating the management system and for top managers who wish to enhance their general knowledge of ISO 9001.

Consider the opportunity of referring to a consultant
Thanks to their experience in QMS application, consultants can help you adopt a QMS while avoiding expensive mistakes.
Choose a certification body
A certification body is a third party who verifies and evaluates the efficiency of your quality management system and issues a certificate when the standard requirements are met.
ECO CERTIFICAZIONI is a certification body.
There are many certification bodies on the market. It's not so easy to choose the best one for your firm. A correct choice should take into consideration factors like experience in the field, geographical coverage, price and quality of the services they offer. The key is to identify a certification body which can satisfy your needs at best.
Contacting us may mean a good start.
Develop a quality manual
The quality manual is a high level document which describes your intention to operate on the basis of quality criteria. The manual defines your activities' goals, your operational procedures and how you apply the standard requirements.
Develop support documentation
Generally consisting in a Procedures Manual supporting the Quality Manual. In other words, it defines what you do to perform your activities. It describes who is in charge of what, in which order and by what reference.
Application of your quality management system
The key to application consists in com­munication and training.
Everybody will operate on the basis of the given procedures and gather recordings which demonstrate you are actually doing what you say you are.
Consider a preliminary evaluation
Your certification body usually carries out a preliminary evaluation at an intermediate stage from the beginning of QMS application.
The purpose of the preliminary evaluation is to identify whether there are any sectors which do not apply standard requirements correctly.
This allows you to correct all possible noncompliant areas before first official evaluation.
Gain your certification
The first official verification must be programmed together with the certification body. The body will examine your QMS and establish if you can be recommended for certification.


Surveillance verifications are annual.

Certification has a validity of three years.


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